Bild 1 Protect yourself against tooth decay and periodontitis with
regular professional teeth cleaning.
Bild 1 We offer a wide range of treatment and therapy procedures for professional and sustainable care. SPECTRUM
Bild 3 After a tooth loss, implants can return the usual quality of life. IMPLANTOLOGY
Bild 4 Dental crowns restore the chewing function and aesthetics of heavily destroyed teeth. DENTURES CROWNS
Bild 5 Larger tooth gaps can be restored with bridges and removable dentures. DENTURES BRIDGES
Bild 6 In addition to dental health and functionality, the aesthetics of the teeth are becoming increasingly important for your own well-being. AESTHETIC
Bild 7 With the help of specially adapted machines, the airways remain open and snoring is prevented. SNOR THERAPY
Bild 8 Our dental practice is centrally located in Bonn-Beuel. PRACTICE
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Welcome to Dr Horatiu Zieger`s dental practice in Bonn

Offering a full range of dental services provided by an experienced team, our patients‘ dental health and overall wellbeing is our main concern. Therefore, the fully air-conditioned practice is equipped with cutting-edge technology and its own dental laboratory. Dental hygiene treatments are delivered by a highly qualified dental hygienist and performed in a soothing environment. Taking continuing education courses regularly, we keep up with the most recent developments in modern dentistry to constantly deliver high-quality, state-of-the-art dental care to our patients.

You can schedule an appointment by calling the practice during opening hours or requesting an appointment online. We are happy to assist you.

Our German website offers a wide range of information about our dental practice and services as well as about our dedicated team, and outlines numerous modern options of dental treatments.




Hygiene Maßnahmen


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Experienced dentist in Bonn: Erfahrener Zahnarzt in Bonn überzeugt mit Qualität und individuellem Behandlungskonzept

Professional teeth cleaning (PTC): Professionelle Zahnreinigung (PZR) und Prophylaxe in Bonn für gesunde und schöne Zähne

Modern and painless root canal treatment (RCT): Modern, painless root canal treatment in Bonn

Premium dentures: Hochwertiger Zahnersatz in Bonn: Hier behandeln Experten

High-quality dental implants: Implantate für feste Zähne und hochwertigen Zahnersatz: In Bonn behandelt ein Experte

Cone-beam computed tomography (cone-beam CT, CBCT): Digitales Röntgen in 3D: Moderne DVT-Technik in Bonn

Treatments and Services


Our services include: